A tukel is a high quality room with 2 large single beds (2m x 1m). There is a bathroom with shower. All rooms have under-floor heating by solar (which of course works when there is sun). The beds have duvet bedding with pure white cotton sheets. Each room has a sheltered balcony.

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In the Simiens there is a mix of various peoples from three religions, Christian, muslim and jewish. Christians make up perhaps the largest group and the churches are spread around the park, largely on the southern side. Jewish people were very evident in the Simiens up until the mid 1980s when there was an Israeli supported exodus to Israel of the falasha (jewish people).

wild life

Gelada can be seen from Simien Lodge right the way up to Bwahit. There are currently about 2700 monkeys in the park and this number is fairly static. Although the predators have declined, increased farming in the park means that the gelada do not have the same grassla nds and woodlands as previously. Gelada live in family groups made up of a dominate male and up to 8 females with their respective young.

The Simien Mountains

Unesco World Heritage Site

The 2nd site to be created in the World after Yellowstone in the USA