The best way to book is via email which will be picked up by our Addis office during weekday working hours or by our Europe office at weekends.

Please send to giving dates and number of rooms and we will try to reply to you promptly. 

We regret that it is not possible to book online since the Ethiopian banks currently do not have secure servers for this process. 


Safety Policies and DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

Clients who stay with us in the Simiens, do so knowing that they are protected and safe. Of course, we do all the usual things such as maintain our fire extinguishers regularly checked, our fire alarms maintained. We have guards who patrol night and day. But more than that, the area has a culture where theft or other forms of poor discipline are not tolerated. The local people are largely Orthodox Christian and the Ten Commandments run through the society. We have some Muslims too and we find the same code is reflected in the Koran. 

When it comes to DEI we look at it from two directions; our staff and our clients. The company is run by local Ethiopians because we believe in creating jobs for local people. Only a couple of our staff are from outside the area. Most of our staff have been with the company since the beginning. It is their home and they feel that they are welcoming you into their house. They share in the success of the company and they are consulted by the management on a regular basis. We try to get the very best out of each and every employee.

Local people are not excluded from entering the lodge - everybody is welcome in our bar and restaurant. Guides are also welcome but we do ask them sometimes to give their clients a little 'space' in the evenings when they have been with them all day.

We support local communities and we are pleased to explain the various projects that we run to support them. 


Contact Details

Ethiopian Address

Nigist Towers, 2nd floor, Kazanchis Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Office: +251 11 5524758

Lodge: +251 582 310741

European Address

La Clarine, 38840 St Lattier France

Phone: +33 476643078