Communtiy Shop

The Community shop is managed by the local people. We provide them with a space in reception that they manage by themselves to sell handicrafts.

We feel that we have an obligation to allow local people to benefit from tourism and this is one way of doing it. 

Please do support local people. We feel that their prices are correct and modest. However, remember the remoteness of the location and if a price does appear inflated then please think of the poverty in the area.

Please do not bargain as this is not part of Ethiopian culture. 



Contact Details

Ethiopian Address

Nigist Towers, 2nd floor, Kazanchis Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Office: +251 11 5524758

Lodge: +251 582 310741

European Address

La Clarine, 38840 St Lattier France

Phone: +33 476643078