From this, a class with little furniture




There are two schools that are quite close to Simien Lodge. The first is in Miligebsa, the village closest to the lodge. The second is Tigridabo near to the park gate. Both schools had classrooms that looked like this just a few years ago. At primary school level, many of the children even sit on the ground

By various methods, we have been able to equip the schools almost fully with new furniture.


To this, a classroom with new furniture


These are the standard school benches which are used in all Ethiopian schools. Three children can sit at each bench. Simien Lodge has now provided the funding for dozens of benches meaning that children can work more easily and they can keep their clothes clean.

Most tourists come to the Simiens with lots of pens to give away. They believe that they are helping the children's education. Not so; it just makes them beg for more pens and spoils the enjoyment of the mountains for the next visitor. However by buying furniture collectively, it is an item that benefits all of the children and it is equipment which has no value outside of the classroom


To this,  Large single donations



This particular donation was made by a single Norwegian client who made a very generous donation.

The benches are all made in the local town, so it provides useful employment to some of the parents of the children

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