Main Tukels

A tukel is the name that Ethiopians give to a house. In the case of Simien lodge the tukel make two rooms with two bathrooms. Each room is of a good quality  with 2 large single beds (2m x 1m). There is a bathroom with shower. All rooms have under-floor heating by solar (which of course works when there is sun). The beds have duvet bedding with pure white cotton sheets. Each room has a sheltered balcony. All rooms have fibreglass insulation to the ceiling, walls and floor. Remember we are a mountain lodge and nights can be chilly. So come prepared with warm clothes.

Main Rooms

The main rooms look like this. They are semi-circular, essentially half a tukel. Each room has a bathroom. The rooms all have tiled floors which are heated a few degrees by a solar system. In between the rows of tukels is a bank of forty square meters of solar panels. When there is sun, then hot water is automatically pumped through pipes underfloor, heating the room by a few degrees. However this is not intended to be a full central heating system. The lodge is at 3300 metres altitude and of course it is cold at this height, especially at night. But the system is enough to take off the chill, making the lodge a comfortable way to visit the Simiens.

There are 26 main rooms. Twenty four have twin beds and two have double beds. The bedding is quilts with extra blankets if required.

The bathroom has a shower (we do not have baths because of the scarcity of water in the dry season). Hot water is by solar with electricty backup.

Contact Details

Ethiopian Address

Nigist Towers, 2nd floor, Kazanchis Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Office: +251 11 5524758

Lodge: +251 582 310741

European Address

La Clarine, 38840 St Lattier France

Phone: +33 476643078